11:05:00 AM
It's been a month now since I started blogging via the Blogger platform. Since then, I learn something new everyday. The blogosphere, what is going on the web, trending topics on the different social networking and media sites, new tech innovation etc.

But for now (in this post), we are going to celebrate Blogger's 10th Birthday by rolling out some of its new goodies.

Last July, Blogger has partnered with Lijit, a search-powered web application that enables publisher to post functional widgets in a more customizable way. Such as, a search tool and a real-time map of your site's visitors.

Most this August, Blogger concludes a great birthday blow-out to its millions of users through Twitterfeed. Enabling your blog feeds to post automatically on Twitter.

User can now configure and enable labels to a partly cloud way. How it works? Once the cloud display is enabled from your blog, popular labels appear to be bigger than the less popular labels in a cloud-like form.

Updated navigation bar. Blogger has come up a new navigation bar feature Share. Readers can now easily share their favorite blog post(s) through the different networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader or via Email). Sharing ideas made quick and easy.

Blogger going even better this time. Cyberspeed and Happy Decade!


  1. I love blogging!bad thing is i just started with it..

    pls visit and follow my blog

  2. Me too! I love the sphere of blogging so much and to tell you, I just started sharing web entries last year, ten months to be exact but the experience so far was awesome! It's not really too late to fit in the web, right!? Just speak up!

    Thanks for droppin by and am glad to meet you here on cyberspace! Happy blogging Miss Angge!

    Oh by the way, I'm done following your blog (Google connect *hope you'll do the same), just scanned some of your posts and it really made my stomach feeling hungry again, I love the food-trips and your foodies. Nomnom!