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The Earth is changing hideously. It's a fact and we can not deny! Extreme weather events, uneven floods, typhoons and hurricanes, tornadoes, soil erosions, forest fires and severe heat are only some changes in our environment that we are experiencing now.

As climate change becomes more severe these days, this will truly destroy our future. Who cares but we the people. Let thy Mother Earth be freed from the anxiety caused by the changing of the climate and of global warming.

Is these things we want for our children? Is these disastrous changing of our environment's climate we want for living? Cruelty! Am I right? Are we responsible enough to fix the damage we have caused on Earth?

Climate Change as this year's Blog Action Day 2009 topic. Let us continue gathering up and support different cause to stop and fight climate change. We all know, there's more we can do about it and it's not too late. Do our share as a global community.

Photo credit to Flickr.com
Web References: ABS-CBN News Online's Ondoy and Oxfam International's Climate Change Canvas


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