1:37:00 PM
Mom woke me up about 8:08 in the morning. I was still in my bed, dreaming, eyes still closed, buzzing in silent, hugging a pillow and wrapped up with a blanket.

"Do wake up boy! Hurry up! Receive your mail." Mom knocked behind my room's door.

"Still feeling tired." I replied back and mom added, "Do wake up! Got a mail from Google. I know you've been waiting for this since last week."

"WHAT? My Google Adsense Pin!" I hurried out my room then asked mom. "I need it so bad! Finally, it's here!"

Mother gave me the small-size card with a Google logo stamped about on the front of it. "It's a postcard from Google."

"Yes, indeed!" I thanked mom and then rushed up my notebook. After reading the instructions attached on the card, I checked out my account and easily got verified.

Google Adsense Pin is used to verify and to protect publisher's personal information.


  1. congratulations again dude. looking forward for new updates about the sayantist.

  2. im hoping that soon I can also receive mails like that from google ;) thou its hard to earn from their ads hahaha

  3. @Gavin: Thanks for coming in.. the sayantist really appreciate greetings from a friend.. ^^

  4. @Lycloer: Yea.. for sure you'll receive your own PIN.. but then it's a good start.. so just wait and earn.. patience is one of e-double-f-active to success.. haha.. nice to seein' you round.. keep in touch..

    and if you have some queries.. ask me then.. blogosphere thing.. ask and then ask..

  5. You're welcome! Woa! About the Google Adsense Pin? It'll then come to you soon and periodically! Google will notify you regarding your Adsense account and earnings soon. Just wait! But to be honest it's difficult to earn from Adsense. Ayts!

    PS Sorry for not replying you asap. Let's be friends. #FF

  6. thanks for dropping by my blog and the kind words you left behind. i saw this post and i wondered how long before i get my own pin...hehehehe....i still have to figure out how these things work really !!! hehehe. congrats and i hope you've been rewarded by google well!