8:05:00 AM

It's October!

Indeed a disturbing month. Heavy rains, typhoons and floods just because of the changing of the climate. Global warming!

But as long as we are responsible enough, we can prevent it.

October 03: We played in rain.

It was 4:45 in the afternoon when I and my sister decided to play in the rain even though Pangasinan was hallmarked with a typhoon signal 1 and the country was in a state of calamity because of the Bagyong Pepeng. Just a trip!

October 07: Birthday Treat!

I'm going to meet my classmates again! It's Joseph's turn (tomorrow). He's turning 20.

More mature now but we are not drinking! And no matter how young we think, whatever you think, that's who we are. Crazy!

Till the next post.


  1. waaaaa,,, any suggestions on how we can avoid this kind of calamities??^^ aside from praying ofcoarse ^^