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Aside from dancing, sketching, photography, graphic design, 3D animation and computer technology, I do love reading fiction novels, also writing short stories but not that really good. I was influenced by my high school classmates and started it as an interest, now a hobby.

Two of which my favorite books that I have read were Harry Potter by JK Rowling and Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. I am an avid fan, in fact, aside from the books I also have movies of them.

Children's book. I still remember Sesame Street's The Runaway Soup. Grover's marvelous adventure with the escaped soup. Twas a good story!

Talking about children's books, in this post, will be introducing another book which is the Trocle written by a blogger friend.

About the Author

Holly Jahangiri is a professional writer with over 20 years of experience in technical writing, poetry, free lancing, fiction and editing.

Description of the Book

"Stephen does not like to go to bed because he knows a monster is underneath. Even when told that Monster repellent was sprayed under the bed, he knows it did not work. Under the bed, Trockle does not want to go to sleep because he's afraid of the huge monster above. "

Intrigued! When I was young, my parents always insisting me that there was a monster under my bed. Of course as a young man I was really frightened and so scared about it.

Trockle, the monster underneath Stephen's bed. In an interview with Noah, Trockle was obviously a humorous monster, he loves sweet, candies and vegetables like carrots and Brussels sprouts. Trockle has a secret pet too: three silverfish, cockroaches and houseflies, including Flisgo the Fish and Billy Bob Bee.

On the other hand, I will definitely enjoy A Puppy Not a Guppy. Thanks to Ms. Holly for the autographed book.

I am really excited to meet Irma and her guppies (Lightning, Herman and Oscar).

More about the author? Read on!

With all the books and short stories you've written and published, which was your favorite and the less? How do you write effective stories?

"Japaul, which of my stories is my favorite?? I enjoyed writing all of them. (The ones I don’t enjoy writing end up in the trash can, and I try not to dwell on them – too many great things to remember, without wasting brain cells on the ones that weren’t.) How do I write effective stories? I hope they’re “effective”… to me, that means I’ve done one or more of the following: entertained the reader, taught someone a new skill, provoked a thought or two, changed an opinion, clarified something that wasn’t easily understood before – depends on what I’m writing, and who the audience is. The best way to do that, I think, is not to bore the reader to tears. And the only way I know to do that is not to bore myself to sleep while I’m writing. Maybe you think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I have a low boredom threshold. Not everyone likes every story I’ve ever written, but “boring” is not one of the more common criticisms I hear.

When writing fiction, it sometimes helps to start right in the middle of the action, or to lead off with some dialogue – maybe an emotional snippet from the middle of the conversation. Many writers feel this overwhelming urge to give you all the backstory before diving into the story; I’d rather reveal that bit by bit, at the point in the story where it becomes important to know."

Irma's answer to: What you feel that your story is now published? If your parents agreed now to have you a puppy, what breed you want?What about the guppies? Do you still love them if ever?

Irma wrote her answer down and asked me to type it in. She is at a friend’s birthday party right now. “I still want a puppy, but I understand why Mom and Dad don’t. I hope they’ll change their minds one day, but for right now – even though I’ve been teasing them and Miss Holly all week – I’m pretty happy with Herman, Oscar, and Lightning. Those are my guppies’ names. They’re pretty cool. And I wouldn’t want them to get jealous or think I’m more interested in having a puppy than I am in them. I do think they know stuff, even if they can’t talk. But if I got a puppy, I think I’d want a big dog, like a Keeshond. Miss Holly’s been telling me about hers. She had a little black Poodle that was really sweet and cute, but she said Keeshonds are scary smart dogs. I heard about this dog, once, that could do addition and subtraction problems, and I’d like to see if I could train one to do math. Miss Holly says her Keeshond used to pull her on her bike and give her rides, and that sounds like fun. A little tiny dog couldn’t do that. Would I still love the fishies? Yeah, they’ve grown on me. Once you love someone for real, you don’t stop, just because you make new friends, too!"

Indeed a smart kid. Thanks Irma! Below was Ms. Holly's impressive reply to my pet most like:

"Japaul, how many cats have you known? “Humble” is just not a word I’ve EVER thought of in conjunction with a cat. Your fish are beautiful; at first, I thought that photo was a watercolor painting! Lovely."

Are you amazed? Inspired? Join the discussion here and ask something about the author.

Is there a monster underneath your bed? Would you also like to meet Trockle like me? Do you also have an interesting bed time stories? Let us know!

*Thanks a ton Ms. Holly Jahangiri and Merry Christmas in advance.


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    Completely I share your opinion. In it something is and it is excellent idea. I support you.

  2. @Anonymous of 19th of December: What? I do not understand (fairly fuzzy) and I am confused, anyways, thanks for your support.

  3. I am glad that you’ve visited. Yea we won; maybe you’re excited as I do, right? Followin you back..! :D

  4. Nakakaghulat ka naman Paul, You've written a whole new review , Congratulations! Way to go . Happy holidays!

  5. Hindi naman po. Just do my best to share significant and beautiful stories, our responsibilities as blogger and that’s my vision. Thank you po Miss Jena and Happy Holidays too.

  6. Japaul! You never cease to amaze me. Christmas comes early for me - again - when I visit your blog. Thank you. Trockle and A Puppy, Not a Guppy, will always be special for me, because they were inspired and written for my own children. I hope that you enjoy both books, when you get them - and I hope your prize arrives soon! Congratulations on your win over at Jena Isle's blog, as well. ;)

  7. All I can say is that I am very blessed that I met a great writer.

    Very much! I will enjoy the book and can not wait to read, relate, share and of course write back another review. :D