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Dear Blanchean Guardian Alf the Elf,

I know you have the power to manipulate and make not visible things possible. And I do certainly know that you are my only strict firsthand elven best friend at the Midst of the Earth. This time that I made myself my own desires and yearning to shower me back my wishlist to be told this near term and or early next year.

Christmas time has come, your noble story was successfully granted and published online as well. And timely next year, the Philippines will make a history again, the Presidential Election at 15. How hilarious and comical!

But if not imaginable because humans are modern and that you're definitely an eccentric one. Make good curse, charm or even guilt them to deal with those stuffs for me. My girlfriends, cousins, ninongs and ninangs, relatives, my real and virtual friends and even my blog's worthiest readers. Downpour me the favor please!

First on my list, a nice but cheap perfume or body spray. I am tired putting up some weird odd plant's smell and flower extracts that you’ve always brought for me when you are here into the surface of the Earth, especially of the folly fruits. Disgusting!

I am not complaining. In fact, I still have two bottles of your perfume with no name. I want a perfume not been influenced and in care of magical gold dust and or a charm.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD. I want it! Harry Potter is really a cool fiction movie featuring the world and mysteries of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I am an avid fanatic way back since my high school years. Swear! I do want it in my collection and a time again to mesmerize and watch Dobby the House Elf.

Have a new sleeves with a tie. Of course, present on my list. I remember during the first time you headed me towards the Creepy Forest, my sleeves got damaged especially my tie because of the spines and concentrated roots abound. Worry not! When I got back and returned home, mother was asking things this and that.

A reading glass. My eyes are kinda fuzzy writing and reading blogs. Would really like a reading glass without the witchery thing again to clear my vision. Still I want to write the remaining pages and chapters of your odd story.

And the latter, is a Canon/Nikon DSLR Camera. Woot! To get an illustration about your world from behind. The crawling plants, huge flowers, creepy trees, exotic giant bugs and the entire clan.

Also the best time, I, you and Lolo Shrub to drink and brew blended coffee. A Starbucks will do then and that's a good idea by way. I know that it's not bad to expose your world, just in a good way and I am not breaking the Blanchean law. Am I right?

Long I dream! Wishing nomnomclub.com will be as successful as letsgosago.net this coming year.

I am serious!

To all bloggers, as you plan your own wishlist, why not join Nomnom Club's Win a Limited Edition Starbucks USB. For more info and complete details, visit NomnomClub.com.

Original Illustration by the Blog Author


  1. I also like the Canon camera. Cool entry for nonomclub.com contest. :D

  2. That's what I've always requested. Canon cam for me!

  3. Gusto ko talaga ng Canon cam kahit hindi latest pero si daddy palaging kontra sa mga wants ko, hay naku!

  4. and nice portray! Is that Alfon Shrub the Blanchean Elf? Haha, your novel.

  5. My wishlist this coming year is to have a new MacBook Pro. Well I have one but almost five years old. Want to buy new and replace it!

  6. Cool. If I were you lend me the old one, am great to have a Mac.

  7. Yeah! Alf Shrub drinking a cup of Starbucks Coffee. :D

  8. Force and bug them for a Canon cam, hehe!?

  9. Mabalin nga sumali iti usapan yo!? Talaga laang ah, pati kuwento iti novel mo isalim pay keni nomnomclub.com tatnu makaaramid iti wishlist nga ag paypaysu. ay supay kuma nga maaramid idda nga lima iti mabalin. hehe! narigat.. tsk tsk!

  10. KS colleagues update!

    Sino nasa Top 6 Christmas Wishlist Contest Entries ng Nomnomclub.com? Kasama tayo! Nom nom! Shrubbish! Ano pa ba?

    Check it out » http://nomnomclub.com/affairs/2010/top-6-christ...

    Have you seen Alf Shrub, Lolo Shrub and ako sa post ng Nomnom Club brewing Starbucks Coffee? That was awesome hindi ba?

  11. hi! congrats, too! you got the usb...i got the cap and the lace. i just love starbucks items. yeah, let's be friends! :)

  12. Yea let's be friends! What rare Starbucks' items and collectibles your most favorite?