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Happy December!

It's getting closer and is less than a month away, 25 days to be exact and it's a Merry Christmas.

I am sure everyone is busy planning their own Christmas stuff. I bet all are now waiting for the holiday vacation and of course excited to unwrap their presents under the Christmas tree.

It's near approaching 'coz of the cool tighter breeze, even though we have no white Christmas here in the tropics, it's freezing outside. On that note, y'all need to check your old double coated jacket in your wooden cabinet.

Christmas is the best time of the year, indeed. It's the time to re-unite family as well as friends and spend bonding date together – singing joyful carols, exchanging gifts and colorful cards, eating some flavoured roll cakes and sweet fruit salad. We do always enjoy a simple celebration of Christmas and it's everything but love.


  1. i always wish that my father can be with us every christmas day but i know it won't happen again this year..i just wish that i can celebrate xmas with true happiness deep within me...

  2. Our Christmas will be full of fun because my Dad will be celebrating with us. :D

  3. @Lycloer: Same sits'.. my dad is not coming here to celebrate Christmas.. Eight wonderful Christmas had passed since the last time we celebrated Christmas with him. Though, celebrating as if he's here with us singing carols, throwing fun lines, eating on the same table and of opening our gifts.. as it is! Hoping.. you may never know life's full of surprise. "He's on the door now!" Haha just an alarm.. How I wish!..

  4. @Kelvin Servigon: Good to you that your Dad is coming to celebrate Christmas with your family.. Great Christmas you have.. and full of fun.. more gifts to unwrap I guess!?

    Wishing the very best this Happy December. ^^

  5. Christmas is special, especially if you can keep it simple and enjoy some time off with family - not get too caught up in the "presents" part of it, or all the commercialism. (I don't even like going out near Christmas, anymore, due to all the traffic and stress at the malls.) I plan to bake a lot of cookies again, this year, and to give some away so they don't end up on my hips! ;) Nothing like a warm home that smells of Christmas cookies.

  6. Masaya talaga ang Pasko dito sa Pilipinas, ang range ng celebration ng Cristmas dito sa atin is months pati next year extended.

    Wishing you the same. Happy December!

  7. @Holly Jahangiri: You're right! Celebrating a simple Christmas is much special and more enjoyable (with family) than of looking things even the strangest people at malls.. weird.

    And wow.. you bake cookies.. can I have some of them this Christmas..? But it's too awkward to package up those Christmas cookies and send it here through snail email and or say just put it up on your hips for me.. lol.. :D

    Nice seein' you here..

    @Anonymous of December 4: A very special, singular and extreme celebration of Christmas.. yes we have it here in the Philippines.. I do agree!

    Why not drop a name plate here to be recognize..!? show up then.. by the way nice catchin'.. Stay touch!

    Happy December everyone!