10:50:00 PM
It's February!

This year's love month is really special to me. My younger sister is turning 14 the 4th day, Heart Day and Chinese New Year will happen on the same day (14th of February). Correlation?

Share some red.
A present. I'm planning to buy a birthday gift for my sister but still thinking! A cute dino plush toy, diary book, a dress and or sweets? Can you please help me?

Share some luck.
Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! 2010 Chinese New Year is approaching! Have you consulted your Feng Shui master to attract good fortune? Share with us when consulted, okay?

Share some love.
Dating a special friend? Now is the time to make your move, open up, share a bouquet of roses and chocolates on a night date. Why not! You are inspired and in love, so be it!

For weeks, indeed so tired sorting things out, that is why don't have enough time blogging. But I made myself clear, more tech post to come! Toodles!


  1. I guess you have enjoyed your special day with friends, hope you like your new plush!