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21 Guns by Green Day

04.22.2010 is here! Guess what's special today? Not a call back, a night date but today's my 21st birthday! Emoness!

As I live another year here on planet Earth, I thought of rewarding myself with a birthday present: a busy time customizing a template for this blog. Hurray!

I've been working a couple of weeks now, testing a minimalist layout and teasing out my Facebook friends about the blog's new look this summer and making a poll on what's the coolest new header logo for Kompyuter Sayantist.

I needed to replace the old theme because I was really annoyed seeing my blog all green and thus not posting content to it, was ashamed for my readers. I think they don't like it so I'm losing valuable friends even not dropping some comments. Hoping that you will like the new design as soon as it's running. I know you will, right?

And finally, I am inviting everyone to be here for a night party but make sure to bring something special for me. Wooty! I know some of you will not come but you can celebrate with us through Earth Day.

Custom domain and self-hosting for the blog? What do you think? Guess about the new theme? What about a wish for me? Drop some in the comment section please!


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