9:20:00 AM
The first automation of the Philippine Election was indeed a history in the making. Though there were technicalities on the day of the election, I salute COMELEC and the entire nation for making the realization of the automation as accurate and transparent as possible.

But aside from the automation, the battle of the two media networks is really a never ending war. ABS-CBN employed Augmented Reality on their election coverage while GMA 7 claimed that they are using and employed a Holographic Technology. Watch the video clips below and compare:

ABS-CBN Channel 2 Coverage

GMA Channel 7 Coverage

See the difference? Are they the same or not? Actually, they were using the same technology augmented through the used of a special computer and a software. Watch the clip below why ABS-CBN alleges GMA7 of fooling the people and not actually using a hologram technology. The fact that it was only based on a chroma effect and of a green screen background.


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