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Start the day with coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages the entire globe and best known for its antioxidant power and health benefits. Fresh brewed, treated with cream and sugar, hot or even cold, whatsoever you want - coffee is really perfect to blend and start a great day.

Coffee Peeling

When I was in kindergarten, my aunt took me together with my cousin and some friends for a week vacation in Baguio City. It was a great experience then to live in a cool place, sleeping in thick clothes, smell the freshness of the weather after waking up, bathing with hot water, picking some blue berries and pomegrante fruit in the yard, and help the old man peel his fresh harvested red beans - remarkable indeed.

What was so remarkable about?

We didn't know that time we were actually peeling coffee beans until the old man told us and that he harvested the berries from the slopes of the mountainside. Amazed to learn something new!

Discovering Kape Isla

Learning something new is but a great treasure and it happens each day. If given the chance, this tour will give not only new experience to keep (as the peeling of coffee berries) but also an insightful way to assist, know more and care about our local products.

Though I'm in a different field, I want to learn more about the industry and the culture behind it. Learning is best when it's achieved through effort and more valuable when it's shared.

In celebration of the Coffee Month this October, the Philippine Coffee Board is organizing a Kape Isla Farm Tour that will showcase series of tours from coffee plantations to roasting plants. The said event will be on the 4th of October 2010.


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