12:11:00 AM
Supporting an advocacy is a strategy to take part, raising awareness, and to advance social change. Thanks much to everyone who supported the Real Love Campaign in benefit of Kythe Foundation. I hope you will continue showing your love, keep on supporting and spreading about the cause. God bless!

With no further ado, the answer that caught my attention is from Cornelio Mallare. Congrats! I will contact and get details from you through web mail.

To those who missed the contest, you still have chances to win Team Manila Real Love campaign shirt from our blogosphere friends:

Facebuko - October 16
Philippine Customer Service - October 16
Blog-Ph - October 17
Vintersections - October 17

With just one 'like' and purchasing Real Love shirt, you can make a child with cancer happy. Support Kythe and Real Love Campaign.

Again, thank you Miss Janette Toral, who has the heart to help and invited me to facilitate about this campaign.


  1. Thanks to Mr John Paul Vergonia and Ms Janette Toral for spearheading this advocy

  2. You are very welcome! We are here to give hope and raise support in finding a cure for all children with cancer and also the Kythe Foundation. Please help us continue spreading the word.