Discover the Sphere of Blogging

Blogging is indeed growing strong around the virtual world. Correct me if I am wrong, blogging grows dynamically like doom since the first time it was commercially used.

Blog, contracted from the term "web log", is a type of a website wherein contents are basically commentary, news and current events that are arranged chronologically at a reversible order.

Most blogs that you will find on the Internet are personal in category, it's an online portfolio attributed about the site author's expertise and personal experiences. Aside from personal blog, a web enthusiast can also blog about photography (photoblog), video blog (vlog), music or audio blog (podcasting), art and sketch blog, and or technology blog (techblog).

A blog will not be successful to stay on the web without its readers. Through an interactive feature of a typical blog, posting reader's view or comments are paramount. So gaining readers commenting on your blog is the most important thing to be remind of.

Blogging, as top hobbies online, it's also considered as one of the best mediums of communication on the web.

Kompyuter Sayantist is all about computer technology, web development and design, blogging resources, social media trends, and gadget reviews. It covers a lot of cool stuff but the core subject is computer science.

So guys, be keen as we explore the sphere of blogging. Cyberspeed!


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