Computer Ethics and User Etiquette, Learning the Basics

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Extensive use of Technology is now a daily routine in every facet of life and a reward to support and formulate laws against computer crimes and frauds.

As seen to most computer users today, to which I am not happy with, etiquette is not actually exercised nor emphasized, neglecting written and existing laws, policies and rules. Why use technology in a different way? Instead, use it to contribute in such developments which occupies the growing needs of humankind.

Computer Ethics and User Etiquette Difference

Computer Ethics deals with the moral code of conduct or set of principles applied in the use of computer technology and is categorized according to actions whether it's of good or bad.

User Etiquette deals with behaviors that a computer user must obliged upon to the appointed customs of a certain society.

Copying somebody else's file without authorization and buying of illegal copies of copyrighted movies and software is termed as piracy. Violating one's intellectual property rights is considered as elicit and unlawful.

Spreading unjust information on the Internet is disputatiously wrong. False information may destroy people's life and integrity.

Creating executable computer harmful threats such as computer virus and worms to destroy other's file is unethical. Writing programs without taking any consideration of balancing its advantages and disadvantages is risky and definitely harmful.

Hooking up individual's computer resources such that of ID's and passwords, is obviously not right and unscrupulous. Reading other people's email messages or network accounts is as bad as computer scams, invading private life and privacy. Most! Breaking into people's bank account is too unlawful, unjust and against the law.


Knowledgeable enough with computer technology? If you are, then don't break computer laws, instead, make an end to what are the permissible and the unacceptable.

Computer Ethics and User Etiquette are both powerful values that everyone should learn, preventing unlawful actions, computer crimes, frauds and bastards.

Think deeper and ahead from the west side, are you following the computer code of ethics or not?

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