RPG Movie 2009: The Philippines First Full Length 3D Animated Picture

Philippine's RPG Movie 2009: The Pinoy's First Full Length 3D Animated Picture
After the successful widescreen launching of Adarna, Urduja and Dayo here comes the RPG! The Philippines first full-length three dimensional animated picture.

RPG 2009 is a story of a boy who were caught-up (together with his friends) in the cyber and futuristic world of MMORPG compiled with dreads, terrors and bosses. It's like the Ragnarok Online.

The movie will produce by ABS-CBN Star Cinema and Ambient Media together with the Thaumatrope Animation Team. RPG movie is said to hit theaters late this year.

The teaser trailer below was first premiered on Level Up! Live Event 2008 and was incredibly smashed the crowd with prolonged wow. This only shows that RPG will be a box office hit for 2009.

Visit the Official Site of RPG The Movie at www.therpgmovie.com.

Photo/video credit to KZone Philippines and Emily Prune



  1. haven't seen dayo. this should be interesting. when is it showing?

  2. @The Red Poet. you must! dayo was one of the best animated movie lately last year. but rpg will be on top above all of this digital movies. rpg the movie will be on the widescreen this year so wait for further updates. a salute to every of the filipinos who made it possible. thanks for your particulars.

  3. im glad there is a movie like RPG. i know this would change the way movie is done here in the philippines! congratulations for thsoe who dare to make this happen.

    Let us all support this to make it successful!