Youth for Information Technology 2009

Exciting! Y4iT 2009 na!

The Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology is an annual IT event that caters field seminars, relevant activities, job fair, and an innovative technology exhibits that influenced lives.

The event has become the most anticipated youth IT congress in the country and is attended by well-known companies, tech enthusiasts, professionals and students from the different regions of the country leading to discover more about IT.

The Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4iT) is indeed a great opportunity at the same time, a great experience to further our relationship in the field of Information Technology.

Organized by the UP Information Technology Training Center and UP System Information Technology Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Student Volunteer Corps, Philippine Society of IT Educators, CSP, Philippine Computer Society, JICA and the Philippine Software Industry Association.

Y4IT 2009 will be held at the University of the Philippines Diliman, UP Theater, Film Institute and Bahay ng Alumni on September 08 - 11, 2009.

Some interesting topics in this year's congress includes:

Animating Dayo!, Animation, Careers in Game Development and in IT, Cloud Computing, Creating Media Productions in the Philippines, Enhancing Learning with Robotics, Imagine an Election System without Precision: What can the Youth do?, Internet Romance, iPhone Development, IT Governance and Journalism, Kinespell, Microblogging, Online Privacy, Optimizing Websites for Search Engines: A Walkthrough, Reading thorough Technology, The Art of Pinoy Voice Acting, The Next 5 in 5: Predicting Innovations and To Tumble, To Twitt; To Twitt: Perchance to Plurk: Ay! There's a Rub.

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