Jobs at Texas Instruments Inc. Philippines

Unemployment remains high in the country. Despite that the government is aware of the problem and keeps on supplementing best solutions to address the situation, still unemployment grows rapidly and continuous to increase every year.

One contributing factor of unemployment is the over-subscription versus the under-subscription of courses. We must then prioritize the under-subscription courses like law or any other graduate studies and give them substance in terms of the licensure performance than of technical courses that are considered full loaded and are less to prioritize.

Second factor, ineffective structure of career guidance analysis. Due to ineffective counseling, it can affect a student's (or a graduate) performance in terms of productivity, of what course he or she's up to take and the more correlated.

The third factor is inefficient on-the-job training program of students. These only explains that a student's training should be related to the course took.

Texas Instruments Technology

Texas Instruments is one of the world's top semiconductor manufacturer and the largest sophisticated company commercializing computer technology to different fields. TI develops different analog and digital signal processing, also of semiconductor technology.

As the Guiness Book of World Record's holder of the fastest digital signal processor, no wonder, TI technology is indeed known worldwide. Did you know that more than half of the cellular phones sold around the globe uses TI technology and 75% of all notebook computers uses TI power management and data storage? That's how TI technology remains as one of the top company worldwide.

Quick Trivia

TI Baguio is the first operational manufacturing site in the Philippines, more than two decades in the industry and contributed more than 1/4 of TI's total sales. The picture shown above is Texas Intruments' newest and second fully operational assembly and testing facility site based in Clark Freeport and Economic Zone, Pampanga, Philippines, worth $1.5 billion.

Why work at TI?

"Texas Instruments is an exciting, challenging and rewarding place to put your high-tech skills to work." A great opportunity to consider!

TI Apprenticeship Program

For years, TI Philippines has continued developing qualified interns effectively through their Apprenticeship Program, a 5 month training program accredited by TESDA which provides an opportunity to skilled and qualified fresh college graduates to develop their knowledge on actual basis and a chance to be employed in the company. It's also considered as one of the finest program that TI serves.

Job Hunting

The TI Philippines Apprenticeship Qualifying Exam was held on November 10, 2009 in Baguio City, The Teachers Camp.

I took the qualifying examination together with my classmates. We were the fourth and the last batch of entrants to take the exam. It consists of six different parts (at least one and a half hours to finish the entire examination): reasoning, verbal and non-verbal, arithmetic, assembly and the main exam.

It was quite good exam, not too easy nor difficult. We waited three to four hours for the result and it was worthy then because we passed it.



  1. Olagueralyndonmark429April 18, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    how can i apply at TI Phil?
    iam a fresh grad from UP Los banos

  2. Since TI Philippines to my knowledge don't have their own website and don't accept walk-in applicants, please do visit the company's Jobstreet Info page instead for additional details of their apprenticeship and career programs. I hope this will help you. Thanks for dropping!

  3. hi there sir, mag exam ako this week for apprenticeship. pwede malaman anong cover ng assembly and main exam? im a fresh IT graduate, same din ba ang exam ko?

  4. Hello Jhemlr! How was your qualifying exam? Is it good, bad, easy and or not? Although I am unable to respond to your concern asap, I hope you pass the TI Apprenticeship.

    By the way, regarding your question, the assembly part of the exam focuses on computer logic and technical skills while the main examination concentrates on your expertise and will depend on whether you are an IT/Computer Science or an Engineering graduate. I am pretty sure, the main exam for engineers is separate from computer majors.

  5. hello mam,dati po akong apprentice sa TI,as a production specialist,asssigned in test area ( fusion- ex) and im looking forward makapagtrabaho sana ulit ako sa company nyo...madami po kasi ako natutunan habang nagtitraining ako there any chances na makapagwork ulit ako sa company nyo.thank you...

  6. good day ma'am sir! gusto ko po mag apply sa TI. pano po ba mag apply. IT graduate po ako and im from aurora province but willing na ma-assign sa baguio. manny thanks!

  7. Apply through TI Philippines' Jobstreet page, here's the link to the site: They have job openings listed for this month, management positions for engineers. If you think you are qualified, submit your application online or if you're looking for an entry-level position just drop/deposit your resume via the resume databank. But if you want to make sure that TI Baguio have career opportunities available, do visit their site. Hope this has helped you.

  8. Hi! I am doing a research on TI and the working conditions there. I wonder, after passing the exam, were you able to actually get the post the you applied for? How is it? I hear a lot of good things about TI in terms of salaries and benefits, at least at the international level, but how is it here in the Philippines? Thanks!