Manny Pacquaio Wins 7th World Title

Congratulations Pacman!

First in the history of boxing, Manny 'Pacman' Pacquaio has won his 7th title in seven weight divisions. These proves that Pacquaio is really the world's greatest pound for pound boxer of today's generation.

Pacquaio ended the fight at the near rounds of 12. Cotto survived almost all the rounds but the referee called up to stop the fight at mere seconds of the last round. Cotto was really at stake and face wounded. Through a technical knockout, he has lost his WBO Welterweight title giving it up to Pacquaio.

It was a firepower match and a tough fight for Pacquaio, for he didn't caught up as early as he could and unlike his previous fights.

Manny Pacquaio made again the Philippines to be more known in the world.

But there are rumors that it's not over yet and it's not really the toughest fight that the world had ever witnessed. Will Pacquaio make it again, a hard fight with Mayweather? Will they meet? They must because people are eager to watch them crushing on the ring stage.


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