Who wants Google Wave Preview Invites?

Just got my Google Wave invite from a new friend on Twitter. Thanks to Angie!

Google Wave is a web application for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

Google Wave was first introduced in the Google I/O Developer Conference 2009 and still on its development. And there's only a limited number of private invites to give.

Good thing about Google Wave is it's a live communication tool that lets a group of people work together online and in real-time. Below is the video demonstration of the 15 Google Wave preview features.

Here's how to get a Google Wave preview invite (6 invitations left to be exact):

1. Just drop a comment on this post including your email address (for security reasons send in your email with your name as a commentator at johnpaulvergonia[at]gmail.com) and tell us: What features you like best about the Google Wave application? How you would use it? Anything will do! The more comments you drop whether on this post or any entries of this blog, the more chances you have to get an invite. A (1) comment is equivalent to 2 points. Note: Entry of most number of comments on this post: Who wants Google Wave Preview Invites? gets the first Google Wave Invitation automatically.

2. Retweet on Twitter: "RT @japaulvergonia Kompyuter Sayantist: Who wants Google Wave Preview Invites? http://bit.ly/81JwQj #gwpreview" Note: To track entries via this method don't forget to include the hashtag: #gwpreview and after re-tweeting, drop a comment here including your status link. A Twitter permalink and status looks like this: http://twitter.com/japaulvergonia/status/6040458806. Each tweet is equivalent to 2 points, plus if you followed me +1 point. Re-tweeting and following @japaulvergonia counts for 3 additional points. No maximum tweets.

3. Subscribe to our RSS feeds. Subscription to our blog (Kompyuter Sayantist) counts for 4 points.

4. Google Friend Connect. Sign-up and get connected via Google Reader. Followers will receive 5 points.

Bonus: If you add me on Facebook +1 point. Don't spam please!

The deadline of entries (earning of points): December 3, 2009 11:59 EST. If you do all the methods, you will get 15 total points excluding the bonus points.

So what are you waiting for? Post your comments now!



  1. hey I want an invite PLZ!!

    Email it to wuzzer@gmail.com


  2. I like your blog^^
    I found good things from your blog ~:)

  3. @Leslie: Google Wave wants you too.. ^^ so post more comments.. this way around earning more points, more chances to have one of my invites.. :D

  4. @sayanimbuzz: Thank you! Well reader's must say.. haha.. By the way, have you been invited to try previews of the Google Wave? I have at least 6 more invites to share with.. but 'bum' you have also the chance.. ^^

    Stay in touch!

  5. Who wants Google Wave Preview Invites? [closed]
    Thank you everyone..! Who made this post richier.. hmm..

    Google Wave invitations for Leslie, Gabriel and Saya..

    Comment me back to confirm.. through this post and or email me.. Happy Waving guys!

  6. @K.White: Okay then.. one Google Wave invitation for you! I still have it for my friends here in the sphere..

    Just send me your gmail account address here: johnpaulvergonia@gmail.com :D

  7. @K.White: Wow that was really fast dude.. Google Wave invitation sent, wait for it..