Am not a Facebook Addict Just Lookin Around!

“Are you sure you’re not?”
“I'm not a Facebook addict! Just following trends!”
“But why do you constantly update your status, er? Then you are!”
"Am not!"

Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. It's Facebook.

Facebook is a social utility network which connects people with their family and friends from around the globe.

As Facebook conquered the web, it reaches about more than 350 million active users. Indeed a record breaker! Hitting Friendster’s 115 million users worldwide and which further decreases its number of visits but partially had stopped since the new launched interface.

Why Facebook edging out Friendster? Amongst factors reflecting the social media competition is the ease of use of the web application (friendly user interface), web design, interactive communication tools and having mesmerized by thousands of flash games which everyone really seems to be addicted to. Right!

Why everyone seems to feel like a star or a superstar on Facebook? You can post everything! From the status updates through notes, snippets, blog and an instant comment from a friend. Tada you're a star and that is why!

The following are signs to let you know if you are a Facebook addict:

1. You converse friends with a biz. “#omg he/she had an affair with! is he/she the #ex of #bg?”
2. You update your status 20 times and more a day.
3. You add 30 friends a day as if you know them well but in fact you're not. You go outta and find a way to add them on your list.
4. You spend half an hour thinking the coolest status to post on your wall.
5. You use your cellular phone to update and surf Facebook when you’re out.
6. You bring your own laptop for a free WiFi connection at the mall and or you bring your own wireless broadband because Facebook is banned and blocked in your office and school.
7. No more MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Googletalk in your collaboration list.
8. You tend to join different groups. You're a number one fan.
9. You do not know well two thirds of your FB friends. You're Mr. and Ms. Friendship!
10. Your blog and Facebook are best of friends.
11. Your Facebook account is connected to Twitter. When you update your status implicating them both.
12. You think of your farm, restaurant, aquarium, island and of your virtual pet.
13. You request gifts from your friends. “Send me back please!”
14. You love Facebook as you love and met your boyfriend and girlfriend.
15. Tagging photos is a norm.
17. You have your own fanpage.
18. You post about your old photos even take some time to upload all of them.
19. You’ve memorized all ads showing at the right max of your wall and always keeps on persuading you will visit them. "Free $200"
20. You are amazed with all of your flash games level. As in Level 50 - Big League Farmer in Farmville (20 exact more levels), Level 30 in Restaurant City and or Level 47 - Bigger House with ten rooms in Pet Society.
21. You have 4,000+ friends +30 and more.
21. You do not update Friendster no less, one updated status a month. And in fact and even worst, you've deleted your Friendster account and in your vocabulary.

"Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook" by

1. You lose sleep over Facebook.
You spend more than an hour a day on Facebook. You spend 20 hours a day on Facebook.
3. You become obsessed with old loves.
4. You ignore work in favor of Facebook.
5. The thought of getting off Facebook leaves you in a cold sweat.

Now I am asking you! Are you a Facebook Addict or not? Are there any other symptoms that are not on list? Share it here!

Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook by Statistics
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  1. You name your pretend fish and feel bad when you find one floating belly up. @#$%ing Fishville...

  2. You play Farkle because it's easy and nothing dies when you leave it for a few hours. Yet, you come back day after day to try to beat everyone's best score! ARG! =)

  3. Haha! Ya I feel so bad when I find them floating around and immobile but am not crying. :D I just hate the moment I loss coins again. Please goin' level, up up!

  4. Yeah!

    I don't play Farkle flash games but my friends always keep on doing the 'best' habit to cheat. Haha, so they have the highest score! Can't beat them btw. :C