Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic

The Torn Page

It was not the usual day. I was alone. So dizzy, misty and dark. It was likely to cover the entire place into void. The thunder cracked and broke into pieces while the rain poured down heavily outside. I was so scared but I don’t show it myself.

Somebody was calling my name behind the other side of the kitchen. A voice so quiet but mellifluous, smooth and faint in sound. It was a sound of a woman crying my name.

Leading toward the place to where the voice was present alike and behind, I was then surprised. For almost 20 years, it was my first time to see a secret door behind and to the other side of our kitchen. A door leading through and to a dark room. Filthy, grimy and textured with spacious dust all throughout. Yes a stock room.

I heard again the faint voice from the end corner of the room. Leading from and to the right side, I noticed something familiar. A broken toy car coated with dust and its usual maroon color. I did and still remember, it was my toy when I was a three year old irrational boy. Uneven furniture, porcelains, old items fixedly placed to each side of the room and an old table and chair situated in between the antique mirror cabinet and piled boxes. A bundle of books, two of which sorted next to a dried ink-pen tapped over the wooden table. Shadowy and opaque but still you could see things from the other because of the thunder’s light stroke from a small path hole. I heard it ones again and for the third time. A voice of a woman coming from the small, stout and firm book. These time a clear voice approaching from the book and asking to open it.

At front, I handed the book from the old wooden table with two hands shaking separately and removed the dust that lived for so many years. It was really different from the usual and traditional book. Frightened to see a book without a cover title and or any black mark written unto it. I opened the book to which the voice fainted well, an unusual feeling scattered throughout my body and I was like an exhausted, drained and parched pail. A rushing air whistled down and zoomed about my skin. As I scanned every pages of the book there were no ink written whichever side but of a small torn old page pinned in between.

The whooshing air ones again blasted the room as I touched the torn page that has unfamiliar scripts and runes. Couldn’t understand the feelings I feel when the room filled deceptively into a black and colorless surroundings. So pale and all was eaten by a mystic swirling air and gone at time.

Alf the Old Elf

“Oh boy wake up! Wake up! Go’r wake up!” A small voice of a man suddenly filled the air.

I woke up in a place occupied and chock-full of magic. A world with extraordinary beasts, bizarre warriors, mysterious history and they called it as Taborea.

“Don’t er’ worry boy! Am not a dragon who eats human flesh!” he uttered.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

He answered me back. “Good to ask me about things first on the line when people first meet huh! Yar yeah! I’m Alf Shrub the Elf and you are e're in the magical continent of Taborea. I ar’n your father’s friend fer a long time. He’s really a true hero and a great man.”

Alf Shrub is an old elf with a long pointed nose and two even pointed ears, a glass committed copiously on his small blue eyes; bald and almost all his hair fibers were pale and turned into whites.

“But I don’t understand!”
“Ohr dear, you will and you should. Go up and don’t forget er' your father’s diary and the runes.”

At that time, the book to which no ink written has now its own markings and appears as quick as it could. The small but stout book to which my father wrote – his diary.

“Ar’ right! The festival seems to be held now boy. You’re greatly and lucky to witness skillful adventurers in the Taborean Flower Festival to prove 'erm undying heart to their love ones and fellow warriors.” After which, Alf smiled to me with joy.

The archaic small village of the elves alongside Elven Island, where all things were coalesced with color whites and blended with their usual tinge, the vines, flowers and fruits, the sand, stones and pebbles, rivers, the falls and its creatures, even the elves wooden small houses were of antiques.

I was amazed with Taborea, the red roses and the beasts that crawl and fly around them were so kind. Alf the Old Elf explained to me all the wonders of the continent and the magic that surrounds abode.

Before the morn waltz ends, we went to the village to where all things in there were small and fine, gold and silver.

“Ea, where are we going now?” I asked him gleefully without considering that I was in a place full of danger.

“You and I ay’re going to Wyn’s Shop to ‘ere you will see things in a different sir’de and that you will return the piece of runes into its exact’r place. A million years we have been waiting for it and of the journey of peace here in Taborea. Your father first learned the mesmerizing smoke of love at the village. Love and of hopes of his golden sword." He explained and added a question. "Okay’r you too! How’s your wo'erld beyond?”

I answered him back with words that the Earth only knew. “Yeah the Earth is really not find. Global warming, changing of the climate, rallies, election protest and deficiencies; and of political disposition ahead of the dawn. Oh -- never mind about it sir!”

Though he was not to walk so fast as I, for sure I was in a safe hand.

The conversation took in from our way home to the village. “Aside from the famous diamonds, the village was built from the year where Golden Epoch reigns its castle's tower in the entire continent of Taborea."

Then suddenly, my eyes direction focused at the farthest arc covered with old vines and creepy leaves.

“What is that for? What’s that thing the boy’s light and smoke about?" I asked.
“A smoke that heightens the tree’s fruits from heady greenish round flower seeds to its ripen flesh. See the holly tree and its golden fruits that covers the boy from the rays of the fire ball and the sun. See it? That is what the spell do, a spell for ripening flesh here in the midst village."
“Can I, me, can do that spell too?”

“Of course! You’re certainly perfect to'er try things here in Taborea. All things here comes to Life because of magic. Simple but hard to find and resist when you’re in the rocks and sand of the Earth. That spell is casts harmoniously together and through your body’s positive aura but'er if that energy –“ Alf mourned then.
“—takes a boost of negatives, the fruits will do nothing but less.” I added.
“Yers smart boy! But the things is, the flesh will be then off-to-the-limit-of-the-line.”
“That flesh will be a simple flesh only, but if done assuredly, the power to ripen the fruit will find sweets in the heart of the creature who’er eat it.”
“Ah, can we try it now? Try this fruit behind that trunk, please!” I requested Old Alf.

Then Alf the Elf points his arm anchored from the east and tightly cast the spell,”Flas’ a fles’ shied!” The power and the white smoke that drifted his body covered the fruit of the holly tree.

The fruit get hold of the spell from its thorny-look greenish to a tidy thin gold of a ripen holly fruit.

Wan Wyn’s Item Shop

Mr. Wan Wyn’s emporium carrying loads of items of different kind, liquors and potions, diets, cray plants and shrubs, magical dust and bowls, inks, skill stones, advanced and purified stones, garments, moon and jewel wishing, buff items and weapons, hunting bows and arrows, battle axe, hammer, swords of different sizes and shields of different shapes, all items is possible with Mr. Wan Wyn the Merchant.

Toss of pans flavored with flower petal fillings, mushy rolls and sweets and the joys of the elves quartz eyes.

On the corner’s wooden table of the shop, the Elven children sited their and looking toward the swordsman in a black armored feature, attentively they listened to the story that the man act together with his silver sword.

“Whoosh, when Gideon the Dragon is about to fire its breath to the village..” he added, “-- and the fire blown all over the village.”

The children feel somber and sad about what had happened to the village. “Don’t you worry children, Fer the Keeper arrived to protect the place and the villagers from Gideon’s destructive power and fire. He used his silver sword and fights the dragon with his might and save the people from the dark.”

“Is Gideon the Dragon dead?”
“But yes of course! The fiery dragon will never come again to destroy the village and its people because Gideon’s red heart and Fer’s silver sword permits to an end.”

Suddenly, one elven boy nimbly stood over the elongated chair. “I want to protect my village too, my land, like the keeper. I will use my own sword and attack that whack-y eccentric dragon, whatsoever that creature is.”

“How bold you are, Alder.” Said the swordsman.

“Yurp brave little man! What about this creepy flying creature, mystic and red.” Alf the Elf laughed while reaching his pocket with a red ball-like energy on his palm and uttered, “-- brew red dragon, drag around like a green wagon.”

A scaled dark-green dragon appeared unto Alf’s palm and fly spiral and around the shop. The little’s seems to be scared and horrified on their chair and startled in their post of podium, very to Alder who fell and fail in facing the hovering beast.

“Ohr’ werl and not yet! Not yert’ ready children. Take more crays, diets and trainings to ‘er strong and wild for dragons near above you.” Alf declaimed.

“Alright! Crays, shrubs and more diets!” The children synchronously delivered while the dragon was gone in the open air of the shop.

“What about you Japaul?” The swordsman asked me with my name.

Why he knew my name? I asked myself silently. But old Alf swiftly introduced the swordsman.

“Ergil meet Japaul. And Japaul meet Ergil the Knight.”

“Giant Jepoy.” Mr. Wyn called me at time.
“Japaul sir!”
“Ooh Japaul meet my son Ergil. He’s a Knight from the midst.” Wan, the shop’s owner introduced Ergil the second time after Alf’s talk.

“Please to meet you Ergil!” I bowed as a pledge. “Still I am wondering things that need definite clear answers. If I had to crack my head for that I will do it, just for us all, the village and Taborea.” I reasoned.

“I know Jepoy, aah sorry Japaul, you’ll find it and I know not now but tomorrow.” Ergil the Knight tapped my right shoulder.

“Okay it’s time 'er you both to bond, Japaul and Ergil.” Alf said.

Taborea’s Legendary Class

“He is Obe the Priest." Ergil introduced me to his fellows. "Obe is the bridge that allows human like you to communicate and talk with the Gods.

He has a different strength that comes from above, a mystical and magical divine healing and cure deep wounds. Obe show ‘em up!” Ergil requested Obe to do so. He revived fully the dried flowering plants beside the tall tree by the used of his divine water and performed his duties of healing.

“Woo that was awesome! How d’you do that?” Yes that was my reaction then.

Ergil ones again introduced me to one of his best of friend. “Japaul greet young Hauberk the Rogue. Well and possibly he is the fastest among us fighters and savers.” Ergil added after seconds of pause, “He specializes in speed and sneaking attack and deliver poisoned blows and hard wounds. Also, meet Aurea the Scout.”

“Hi! I am Japaul from Earth.”

Aurea smiled at me. “She is a shy type obviously.” Ergil laughed silently, “But nope she has tricks that outwit enemies into a rarwr–down. Hundred percent in tune with the Taborean surroundings and can make use of every inch of the area. Aurea is also a master of combat skilled in detecting and neutralizing hidden opponents. She’s so powerful. Don’t pissed her I suggest.”

“I would. Aurea is really a master of art based on your 'sort of'.” Ergil was kinda smart when again took the brawl to made an acquaintance of and to Acrid the Mage.

“Ergil how’s Wan’s business?” A robust man asked Ergil about the shop.
“Very well find. You’re really good now and still. Oh by the way here’s --”
“I know! Japaul, I am Acrid the Mage. I am Acrid – your father’s long lost twin. I know you’re not lucky to hug at least your father but I surely know he is happy now with the Supreme Being. Your father was ones a Hero of Taborea. Your blood grows about with his will to save and dump the evil.”

“Supreme Being?”
Ayvenas the Supreme Being who created the Book of Taborea and to which all things were situated accordingly but torn by fate. And thank you for giving back one piece of its runes.”

With all the things came out, I know it was my destiny. Days and weeks had passed and of passing time here in Taborea; and now, "I am a new warrior."

Dark War Beyond

The evil’s battalion scattered around in space ready for a dark command and sprinkling thereabouts the grassy field.

“The battle raises to begin.” Huw the Beast proclaimed.

“But how?” one of his men asked.

“How? Heoyw could you ask things like that and you’re not ready in this kind of written folks of war, it's up for us to kill you – damn ugly dark beast – than we will be seein’ yeuoyw dead in the hands of the pigmies and the warriors.”
“I’m just eash-asking, ishh that bad!?”
“Asking for that senseless knowledge of hearing, bad ogre.” Lagore added enviously.
Winion – enough!” Huw shouted, “enough Lagore just concentrate to our sure’s victory.”
“Yeah, V-AIYK-TORY.” The crowd shouted in unison way.
“Victory to greshe’s ogre, glory to Dark Lord, glorish!” Huw emphasized horrifyingly.

It was then dark; all seems to be grayish in color, pale and neutral. The thunder flashed its intense light through the center of the sky’s twisty cloud. Raindrops starting to fall and reigns the entire Taborea and the land of the hideous creature. The dark force whom gratify and indulge the celebration of the ‘whites’ death. Creepy plants and trees fell down the ground's surface and seems to witness the fight of the ‘evil’ and ‘the-not.’

The war started at the least of the rotten night and red and green bloods dotted everywhere. The legend and myth of the dragon came into live, goblins and the dark beast-of-the-beasts marked skillfully with tricks.

“JapaaaaaaulL!” Ergil shouted. “Huw’s sword watch out!” Aurea made it to an end. Her bows and crossbows shots ones Huw’s heart. She did it speed-fully. But I was badly wounded on my right gut, bleeding and in pain. I saw my father’s face and a white phoenix-alike beside him. "I am d--“

Dreamin’ a Taborean Living

The alarm clock rang twice, trice and more times. It was five o’clock in the morning; my laptop was sleeping but still open, my hands were extremely placed unto the qwerty keyboard. It was only a dream. A mere dream never to come as a reality but of adventurous destiny in the magical world of Taborea.

I saw the world beyond. There’s always a winner and 'the not', a legend and a hero, of witchery and mystery to explore. A Life in Taborea and the World of Runes of Magic has to offer.

Runes of Magic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment Ltd., a Taiwanese game development studio and adapted by Frogster Interactive Pictures for the German and English arcading. Frogster is a Berlin publisher of online computer games known in the entertainment industry for years.

RoM is a free online game whom recently presented its open beta phase. It has a dual-classing feature to which you have the ability to choose two classes for every character you play. Currently there are two major races, Humans and Elves and six classes for every races: Knight, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Scout and Warrior.

Good thing about RoM is that it has no subscription fees needed and game client is free to download through their official sites.

So guys let us play Runes of Magic and show the online community your might and skills!

Quick Facts about RoM:
1. RoM 3Fs: Free-to-play, free and no monthly fees, and free download.
2. Virtual homes set for every Taborean adventurers and decorate it with over 130 interior items.
3. RoM has no zone boundaries because of seamless architecture.
4. Fully customizable user interface and play grounds with the option to use add-ons feature.
5. Warden and Druid classes who uses the power of nature are only playable by the Elf race. It's new!
6. RoM has a radar and map system to easily find resources, dealers and quests.
7. Dynamic item system with hundreds of runes for upgrading and a thousand quest series.
8. Runes of Magic Philippines (Chapter 1: Fury of the Dark Lord) goes open beta and unlocked its prowess to all Pinoy (Filipino) gamers on January 8, 2010.

But not over yet. Continue.

Ending of Success

Tearful I was in pain and ready to shut eyes. Acrid the Mage held me while the war still on its journey, "It's not the end. It's not what the old torn runes say. You are not going to die but you are the destined protector of the village, the continent and the written runes of Taborea. You are Japaul the Great Warrior Mage."

I saw the team on a misty figure, especially Ergil the Knight, Aurea the Scout, Hauberk the Rogue and Obe the Priest. I am happy because I saw them before I lose Taborea. But because of the good and divine hands of Obe I was then healed. And we were thankful about the teamwork and camaraderie, that because of it we became successful in fighting the Dark War and solved one of the mysteries of Taborea.


A Lesson to Learn

In this magical adventure 'Life in Taborea: The World of Runes of Magic', it teaches us, whether you are a Taborean adventurers and travelers or not, that an army of heroes kills most anything and slays unbreakable dragon and you can be the best in the world at your own job. Remember, evil is not redeemable and to be a good adventurer is a choice. Your morals are innate so play just, reasonable and fair-minded.

If you were to live in a place full of magic, wonders and ancient secrets like the Magical World of Taborea. What would you be? How you will then solve the mysteries of a long forgotten kingdoms? Cast a spell today!

For more info about Runes of Magic visit their website at and also The Official Philippine Website: Runes of Magic at

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