What Super Bowl XLIV ads is your favorite?

Super Bowl XLIV is an American Football game and a National Football League Championship for the 2009 season match between the AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts and NFC's New Orleans Saints.

This end-season, the New Orleans Saints gained their first Super Bowl title, 31 against 17 points. The Super Bowl XLIV was played in Miami Gardens, Florida Sun Life dated on February 7, 2010.

But aside from the incredible game, everyone seems stuck about the Super Bowl XLIV ads (million dollar avertisements). Googled! But which was your favorite or your least fave ads this year?

My top fave Super Bowl XLIV ad this season was the Intel Lunch Room. I am basing it on the advertisement's impact, quality and most entertaining value. Watch Intel's 2010 Super Bowl XLIV spot starring Jeffrey the Robot below.

Watch all the Super Bowl XLIV advertisements through NFL Videos.

Super Bowl XLIV Quick Facts:

1. A Super Bowl 30-second advertisement can costs $2.5 up to $2.8 million.
2. Super Bowl XLIV was the most watched TV program in the US history.
3. XLIV official Twitter hastag: #SB44.