How to change favicon in Blogger

Almost all blog owners want to customize their web page as possible.

Like me, I've been working for about three weeks now editing a minimalist template for this blog's new look this summer and excited to launch it the next few days. Can't wait!

So I thought of writing a simple tutorial in changing favicon for blogspot. *My first tutee post and new blog feature.

What will be doing in this tutorial is to change the blogger's default favicon into your own design.

1. Make your own design. Create using Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks. It is easier to make an icon design on a 100x100 pixel canvas and then resize it after into a 20x20 pixel size. Save it as .png format.

2. Upload your own design on photobucket, picasa album, or any photo hosting sites. After these, copy direct link.

3. Now go to your dashboard's Layout tab » Edit HTML. If you're not too familiar with the codes and scripts, make a back up of your current template (Download Full Template) in case something goes wrong.

4. Key-in Ctrl + F and find this line of codes:

5. Insert the following code below it:

Don't forget to replace href='your favicon's URL here' with the direct link you've copied at 2nd step.

6. Save template and you're done. Complete codes looks exactly like this:

To see final changes of your template, close and reopen your blog page. Template error? Let me know in the comment section.


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