Thesis 1.7 Wordpress Theme Innovates Blogging Tradition Again!

Thesis 1.7 has arrived!

Search Engine Optimization friendly, able to bend designs, custom options and cool support, no wonder DIYthemes Thesis is one of the most wanted Wordpress skin that a blogger and a web developer is hunting for!

Last February, I posted a blog entry about Thesis Theme feature teaser and now you will definitely hook with its additional features.

Aside from options manager, insane SEO controls and details, new headline filter and internationalization. Additional features include:

1. Completely reorganized options pages
2. Increased efficiency from every angle
3. Include a slew of JavaScript libraries
4. New home page controls
5. Flexible new comment system
6. Easy 301 redirects for affiliates
7. New hooks
8. Beefed-up internationalization
9. Improved core element defaults
10. Dramatically improved code quality

Indeed a promising features. If you already have Thesis and a member of the community, do upgrade your theme now! If don't have, try it here and experience innovative blogging through Thesis.

What Thesis additional features you like? Drop out some on the comment section.



  1. Oh god wordpress is so fucking confusing :S :S

  2. Actually Thesis is the best Wordpress framework that is there and also the most sought after. I am also planning to get a Thesis for my blog after I earn something. Hope so that goes well

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  4. I've read great reviews about Thesis Theme and they all say that it has really a beautiful framework, flexibility wise designs to work with. Got an account luckily from last year's giveaway but can't use it yet for my blog, need platform shift this mid. Need not to plan, get your own account! By the way, thanks for droppin'.