Fastest Version of Google Chrome to Date

With the most recent beta release and firing up substantial engines to date the fastest version of Chrome, stable channel is now ready to bring the most of the Chrome experience to all of its end-users: Windows, Mac and Linux respectively.

Stable release of Chrome (May 25, 2010) extends with new feature highlights. Synchronization not only in the bookmarks across multiple computers using Google Account but also of browser preferences including the themes; homepage, start-up, web content and page zoom settings; and of language preferences. Also, users can now install and use Chrome extensions in an incognito mode via the extensions manager.

Google Chrome also promised some of its HTML5 features such as Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, drag-and-drop capabilities of a file and an initial integration of Adobe Flash Player but it's not included in Chrome's stable release, soon Google will enable this feature with the full release of Flash plug-in version 10.1.

In next to no time, you'll receive Chrome's auto-update to experience the most of what the browser has to offer, with its newest features, speed and definite performance.

Meanwhile, watch the Google Chrome Speed Tests (Potato Gun, Lightning and Sonic Magic) clip below. Compare and be amaze as it loads at 2700 frames per second. Indeed so fast!


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