Ways to Protect Your Laptop from Harm

Few ways on how to protect your laptop, notebook, or netbook from damages and risks caused by a power surge, computer threats and of a hardware and system failures.

Empowering Battery
1. Plug in the power chord when the laptop's battery is running fifteen to twenty percent (15 to 20 percent) to avoid empty inadequate power, after which, unplug the power chord when battery had been fully charged to protect the battery cell’s life span, the plug-in charger and the laptop as a whole.
2. To conserve current and power life, set power plan to either balanced or power saver setting.

Caring Laptops Hardware
1. Wash hands frequently when using the laptop.
2. Gently pressed the power button when start using your laptop to prevent button sticking.
3. Softly touched the laptop’s built-in pad to prevent damages and scratches, inquire the use of plug-in USB optical mouse or wireless mouse more often than the touchpad.
4. To protect the keyboard and the keys function, clean the hardware regularly with a dry soft cloth and lightly tap the keyboard keys when using and encoding.
5. Set speaker volume between fifteen to twenty five level range (15 to 25 ranges) to safeguard the built-in speaker from any damages and help conserve power span.
6. To prevent the LCD monitor from scratches, do not touch or point any materials on the screen, instead placing a clear acetate monitor cover will do help prevent marks. To remove lints and static dusts, clean the screen with a soft smudge-free cloth and never use water or fluids on the display.
7. Ports and drivers must be clean often to avoid short circuits when inserting and using hardware for the driver. When cleaning DVD drive lens use damp lint-free cloth to avoid injuries.
8. To prevent your laptop from heat related problems, particularly overheating, place your laptop directly on a hard flat surface to allow and free air ventilation flow.
9. To prevent permanent damage to the laptop, do not tap materials on its surface. Clean the laptop surface with a soft cloth and never use or put fluids.

Vaulting Computer Virus
1. Activate antivirus software to protect the laptop from harmful threats such as computer worms, computer viruses, trojan horse and sometimes tracking cookies. Antivirus software must be kept up to date to provide protection against new threats.
2. Scan plug-in hardware such as thumb drives, memory sticks and cards, track players before opening files.
3. When using the Internet, be remind that your laptop is possibly exposed to risks and threats that may harm and disable computer applications, programs, utilities, and the operating system as well.



  1. How about taking the battery out and plugging the laptop while at home? Ehe, that's what I'm doing. Battery is for outdoors only. :)

  2. It'll do but be wise enough if current shuts because you might be experiencing either system failures and or corrupt files. Still, you're clever to keep your laptop battery's life last long by the way. Thank you Ms. Liezl!

  3. The tips you shared in the post for the laptop handling is very informative. One should definitely follow it if wants to see the best life of the laptops. I will definitely look forward to them while operating.