How to optimize Blogger post titles

It’s been a month since my last blog update. Now that I’m back in the blogosphere, I assure to post more blogging tips and tricks.

To gain more visitors and web traffic is our primary goal to better achieve search engine rank of our blog.

Blogger templates by default come with a tag that automatically generates blog title before each of the post title. Meaning the blog title is shown on each page of the blog, more similar, and which is not search engine friendly. See default post title structure below.

Blog Title: Post Title

Title tags are the summary of what a web page is all about. Basically it describes a page and which then used by most search engines (SERP). As a guideline, title tags of every page on your blog should be unique and that should be ahead from the blog title.

Post Title: Blog Title

What to do now? So a bit tweak can make your blog search engine optimization friendly.

1. Log on to your Blogger account and locate Layout tab » Edit HTML. If you're not familiar with the scripts and in case something goes wrong, do back up your blog’s current template through Download Full Template.

2. Ctrl + F and find this line of codes.

3. After locating the title tag, replace it with the following codes:

4. Save the template and you’re done.

See final changes by visiting one of your blog posts and locate the post title on the upper left most of the browser you are using. Notice the difference? Encountered an error? Let me know by leaving a comment.



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  2. Great Blog!
    Thank you, this is the second version of this I have found, the other is:


    <data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/>

    Both seem to work; however, they don't seem to work retroactively, only on new posts, and if I decide to change the title of the post after publishing, the url remains the same as the old title.

    Knowing little about code myself I would love some help on how to fix this, thank you.