DIYthemes Thesis 1.8 Features: Best Version Yet

Finally got my way to upgrade my blog's framework with the newest version of DIYthemes Thesis. Definitely going to love Thesis version 1.8 features. Easier, more smarter, still powerful, and accessible. Thesis 1.8 awesome features include:

1. Header Image Uploader

Upload your customized header image and Thesis will do all the technical tweaks for you. Simple and completely awesome.

2. SEO Character Counters

You don't need to open your office and touch your computer screen to count characters anymore. Thesis 1.8 will do the character counting for you all throughout the WordPress interface.

3. New Google Fonts

Thesis is the first premium website structure to support web-safe Google Fonts: Cantarell, IM Fell, Josefin Sans Std Light, Nobile, Reenie Beanie, Yanone Kaffeesatz, and many more.

4. WordPress Nav Menu Support

Thesis now supports WordPress 3.0 version's navigation menu builder. Use the WordPress nav menu and then tweak its design with the Thesis' nav menu controls. So cool!

5. Category/Tag/Taxonomy Page Options

  • Moving page options to a more logical position: inside WordPresss category and tag editing pages.

  • Add unique headline and content to every category, tag, and taxonomy page on your site for a better and powerful SEO yet.

  • Thesis support custom taxonomy pages in addition to category and tag pages.
6. Favicon Uploader

Add your site's logo in an extremely simple way. Thesis favicon uploader do the same way as the header image uploader. It will do the rest for you. Technically wise!

7. Custom Loop API

Web developers watch out! The most exciting, powerful, and flexible tool ever added to Thesis - the Custom Loop API enables you to target and modify every page of your site. To sum up, it's the ultimate custom template system.

Indeed the best and most awesome version yet: tons of developments along with the new features cited. Though it's too late to ask. Have you upgraded your site to Thesis 1.8? What features you are likely to work with?


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