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Kape Isla is a seal of approval issued by the Philippine Coffee Board to different recognized roasters, merchants, and retailers in aim to promote the best of Philippine coffee.

In line with the celebration of Philippine Coffee Month, the Philippine Coffee Board and Kape Isla has organized series of farm tours to support and raise awareness about the local coffee industry here in the Philippines.

Last October 4, I was luckily invited by Miss Janette Toral along with tagged bloggers to go on Kape Isla Farm Tour. I had fun, involved and at the same time learned something new - everything coffee.

Le Bistro Vert, Fraser Place

As planned, I arrived early in Makati City. Though I'm pretty familiar with Ayala Avenue and just the name of the street, I was clueless then with Le Bistro Vert. After got something, about where Fraser Place is, I took the air-conditioned jeep, asked a couple of times, and walk some lanes.

I was the first person to arrive and register for the tour. Waited for minutes, Miss Janette Toral, the press and on set media came, bloggers and attendees started to fill the room.

We were then served with fresh black cofee. While waiting for the attendance to complete, Miss Pacita Juan, Philippine Coffee Board Co-Chairman, delightedly greeted us and brief discussed about what's gonna happen during the tour. In my excitement, I forgot to take pictures for documentation, so words will have to do.


The coaster arrived in EchoFarms around nine and a half in the morning or so, our first stopover. There we had chance to pick beautifully grown organic vegetables. The group allowed to harvest greens by at least a kilogram, but I've only picked forths as to avoid rotten leaves when I get home. Romaine lettuce, arugula, tarragon, and mint to name a few.

After the first activity, we were interviewed by the media together with other attendees about our vegetable picking experience and was fortunately sorted things out. Had to admit, twas first!

National Coffee Research Center

The tour resumed at the National Coffee Research, Development and Extension in Cavite State University. Dr. Alejandro Mojica, Head of the National Research Center on Coffee, presented a short overview about the Philippine coffee industry's state.

We also had the opportunity to see coffee trees with bright red berries, from tissue culture specimen to seedlings, and native cultivated bees as side trip. Again, I was amazed.

  • Coffee yield per hectare is 700kg.
  • Coffee farm productivity: farmer's income per hectare is Php1,000 and Php30,000 a year.
  • Rejuvenation and rehabilitation of a coffee farm takes 40 years to complete.

Beneficio Amadeo Coffee Mill

After came the distribution of a bag of coffee varieties plus souvenirs and a native style mid-day meal in Indang, Cavite. We passed by at the Beneficio Amadeo Coffee Mill wherein Mr. Nicolas Matti explained process by process how coffees are milled from sorting, floating, drying, peeling, and moisture testing.

Gourmet Diner and Farms Roasting Facility

Around 3:15 in the afternoon, we headed to our last break at Refreshers: The Gourmet Diner and Gourmet Farms Roasting Facility in Tagaytay. Mr. Lennard Reyes facilitated us thorough the procedures of cofee roasting.

After the roasting facility tour, we herded back to Gourmet Diner for snacks, served cold sandwich wraps and a more refreshing signature lemonade with herbs.

The Kape Isla Farm Tour was definitely informative and was the best. The eagerness to help our local coffee industry and the farmers will follow soon.


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