Agimat Releases New Game App E-Ville HD For 99 Cents

Agimat just released its newest game app, E-VILLE HD, just right in time for Halloween fun. Among all of the apps available on your Apple device why not give E-VILLE, (.99 cents) a run for your money.

, USA, November 1, 2010: Agimat Entertainment, the developers of Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH, had turned the typical into atypical, turning the scary into “funny”. Now releases new game app, E-VILLE HD on October 28, 2010, just right in time for Halloween fun.

Help Jim Bob survive the night after a monster break out that has infested the whole town. Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies, Skeletons and Frankenstein’s are out to fill their bellies and wreak havoc into the night! Armed with a chainsaw, eradicate the monsters with extreme prejudice! Other weapons, like Snowball and Fireball shooters will come your way as you progress the level. Slash your way out… or die!

Among all of the apps available on your Apple device why not give E-VILLE, (.99 cents) a run for your money. The “scary” game displays brilliant crispy colors, instead of the gory, blood-soaked zombie, you'd meet adorable characters getting sawed, snowballed or fireballed by Jim Bob. The game developers redesigned the typical characters into a endearing, fun and fresh style.

Available for the ipod, iphone and ipad platforms. The amazing animation on E-VILLE comes with its own custom fun soundtrack and witty voice overs.
Now available at the App Store for 0.99 cents only, an absolute E-VILLE bargain!

Download link:

E-VILLE’s Official Game Trailer

Great E-VILLE Features:

• Universal Binary App
• Retina Display Ready. Which makes images looks great on new devices.
• iPad Ready
• Great Graphics
• Amazing and “natural flowing” animation
• Play either with Chainsaw, Snowball and Fireball Whacking modes
• Pick Up, Power Up Items throughout the game
• Fun Soundtrack and Voice overs
• High Score, Distance, Time and Kills indicators

The game comes with free updates for more World Levels, characters, game center intergration.

One of the great pluses about this game and its developers is that they embrace the New Social Media pretty well, practically always online; the developers are within the reach of their loyal game fans. Updating everyone with current and future projects. Got Facebook, Twitter and more just simply add them and be updated with the fun.

So are you E-VILLE enough to try it?


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