Khan Wars Online PH Finalizes Madmoo Jackpot Participants

Run Up Philippines is proud to announce that Khan Wars Online is finalizing the list of participants for its MadMoo Jackpot competition. This grand contest will see the top 50 players of KWO Philippines' community facing off against opponents from 25 countries worldwide, in a bid to claim their share of a cash prize totaling 10,000 Euros (PHP 583,000).

The final list of participants is expected to be released by this Wednesday, (December 5, 2010). A special Jackpot server login page will be opened soon after to help participants check their game status, and to ensure that they can log into the event properly. The Philippine players will be identified in this world event under “PH Server World 1.”

About Madmoo Jackpot:

Spanning 26 countries around the globe, the Madmoo Jackpot brings together 10,000 of the best and brightest players KWO has to offer. The competition will take place over 100 days; Three (3) months are spent on preliminary rounds to sort out each nation's best players, culminating in a fast, brutal 10-day spree of warfare that will leave only 50 survivors to share the 10,000-Euro prize.

The preliminary competitions took place last year, from June 1 to September 1, while the final matches will take place from January 14 to January 24, 2011.

All players in the Final Event world will begin at VIP status, while unit building, resource gathering, and upgrades will be drastically faster than they are in normal servers to facilitate the rapid turnovers that are expected for the 10-day competition. Players will also gain 25 percent more gold than normal for every purchase.

Here is a rundown of the cash prizes for the top 50 players:

Aside from the cash prize, the top 500 players for Madmoo Jackpot will also be awarded with a voucher that grants them 25 percent more coins for their next purchase in Khan Wars Online. North America players are not entitled to join the Madmoo Jackpot events.

For full details regarding KWO's Madmoo Jackpot, please visit the official guide:

About Khan Wars Online Philippines

Developed by XS Software and published for the Philippines by Run Up Interactive, Khan Wars Online is a massive browser-based turn-based online strategy game that enables you to command vast armies and territory, all from the comfort of you desktop.

Choose from several different factions around the world, each with their own unique units and powers, as you start on the road from a mere warlord, to one of the game's greatest conquerors! Start the journey today by registering at the KWO Philippines official site (!


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