Google announces Android KitKat as next version of its mobile operating system

Google has announced that the next version of its mobile operating system will be called Android KitKat, following the company's dessert naming traditions: the Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean.

Introducing the Android 4.4 – KitKat.

The news all of a sudden turns to be a surprise as Google and Android fans had predicted the next version of the operating system, not the long-expected 5.0 but in fact an Android version 4.4, would be named as the Key Lime Pie.

Android's head Sundar Pichai, reveiled in a Google+ post that the platform, to date, has now passed 1 billion device activations and noted that the next version of Android will have a codename KitKat, a brand owned by Nestle and licensed by Hershey's in the US. It's the first time the Internet giant Google will be using a chocolate brand name for its popular and advanced mobile platform.

Android KitKat – Prepare for a sweet new treat.

In the Android website, it says "I'ts our goal with Android KitKat to make an Android experience available for everybody." Though the statement is not definite and clear, it speaks for itself that Google has indeed plans and possibly release the next Android version not just specifically for smartphones and tablets but also for smartwatches, gaming consoles, even laptops and ultrabooks.

KitKat 4.4 – It really does taste as good as it looks.

In addition to the sweet deal, Nestle will soon be shipping more than 50 million Android-branded KitKat bars across 19 countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, Russia, Middle East, India, Japan, and Australia. Also to promote the partnership, specially-marked KitKat packages purchase will have chances to win Google Play voucher or if you're lucky enough a Google Nexus 7.

While the latest Jelly Bean 4.3 update doesn't bring a ton of interesting key features, what are your predictions about the next software version? What about your thoughts on the sweet co-branding? Also, do you have any 'L' dessert name for Android 5.0?

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  1. Android and KitKat co-branding was brilliant and delicious. Google has raised the sweet bar.

  2. I really can't wait for Google's next mobile platform's sweet features!