Kompyuter Sayantist unveils a new responsive and mobile-friendly website

Kompyuter Sayantist was launched as a personal blog about 4 years ago. Since then, the website has undergone so many changes over time, not only does it features personal experiences about a young scientist but also discusses various topics such as 3D animation, web development and design, from theme reviews to blogging resources, the latest in gadgets, as well as topics related to computing field and technology.

And because of the continuous innovations in the discipline of development and maintenance of websites, Kompyuter Sayantist will continue to adapt and respond to these changes.

So, what's in and new? These days, smartphone and tablet users check and update their social networking accounts, at the same time send emails and browse the web with their device. With the continued increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets, its share and contribution (to our digital life) will also continue to grow. The percentage of mobile users will keep on changing every day, almost every time. It's beyond doubt, we spend a lot of time exploring the Internet, gather and even share information instantly. Do you agree? That's why creating something new and different is really a must, and we will keep on experimenting to make the web more beautiful.

Kompyuter Sayantist now features not only a revamp but also a responsive design to enhance the reader's mobile experience and to improve the site's search engine optimization.

A simple look into a responsive and mobile-friendly web design.

What is a responsive website design? RWD is an approach in web development wherein a site page adapts responsively and can adjust even resize itself when viewed on a wide range of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and from smartphones to tablets. A responsive website embraces not only an approach at crafting sites for optimal layout but also to provide site content that is readable and easy to navigate, in other words, a flexible web page.

What is all about the site's new design? Kompyuter Sayantist redesigned website is visually engaging and minimalist. It still offers feature-rich content, tools, and resources for gadget geeks and techies. In addition to a light and sleek look, the site now showcases a new media for featured articles and or streaming random posts. Aside from the interactive content, the home page also feature articles snippet and a 'show more entries' feature at the bottom of the site's feed for a seamless scrolling of the previous articles and a better user experience for a fast access to content.

Kompyuter Sayantist – Your source for the latest computing and tech news.

The site still features breadcrumbs plugin to easily navigate post categories as well as the reader's location in the website, related posts feature and social media buttons for easy sharing of content across the different social platforms, and Disqus to moderate content discussions.

All key features and page elements of the website are resized by proportion and act differently when accessed on different screen sizes. The new website still displays three columns on a desktop, as it is, when viewed using a tablet in a landscape orientation, the site still look the same but resized automatically including the media such as the images and embedded videos. On the other side, some page widgets are hid only when accessed on a tablet's portrait view and on a smaller smartphone screen. Some site features can still be viewed but are stacked on a single column. Again, RWD plays an important role in fixing the layout and elements of the website. It's really beneficial, you're maintaining just one website, no redirects, and an optimal design for every device.

Content and readership are still important but we also need to consider a web design that is effective and must be responsive.

The new Komputer Sayantist website will be in beta until October 7. If you find any site errors or bugs, report to us through our contact form.

How is the website design? Let us know, we are always interested in your feedback and suggestions.



  1. I am giving my website a chance, now getting ready to make it a responsive one.

  2. Congratulations on the launch of your new revamped website! 😎

  3. Once you're done with the development of your website, just drop me a message and will get your link listed here.

  4. Many thanks for taking the time to drop by and share such a great welcome!