It’s Time to Introduce the Apple Watch ― Its Impressive Features, Release Date and Price

It’s time for the most-awaited Apple Watch, the Cupertino brand’s very own iOS-based smartwatch and the newest addition to its state-of-the-art mobile devices. Now that Apple finally took the challenge to compete with the contending Android Wear-powered smartwatches, it’s time for us to experience a different kind of smartwatch approach and to see which of which the smartest wearable available in the market is.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch wears a square-shaped dial protected by the durable Sapphire glass. Its digital screen sports a Retina-quality display and a body which has a metallic finish crafted from premium materials. Apple Watch introduces the innovative Digital Crown which serves as the Home button of the smartwatch and a convenient way to access Siri. While you can tap, scroll, zoom and navigate fluidly on its display, the smartwatch features Force Touch technology which differentiates a tap and a press; as well as Taptic Engine and a built-in speaker for a completely new expression of alerts and notifications. It also features WiFi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect and sync flawlessly with iPhone.

Apple’s smartwatch, like many of the wearables, also syncs and organizes notification with compatible iPhone models; from the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C up to the latest iPhone models provided that it’s powered by the up-to-date iOS 8. Apple’s smartwatch not only feature alerts organization and timely information that can be checked at a glance but also a Siri-like voice search, like the Smart Replies which let you respond quickly to messages and compose some with the Handoff feature which you can continue writing through your Apple smartphone.

Same as the Android smartwatches, with the Apple Watch you will be able to see notifications like whose calling you, set an alarm and or an appointment schedule just by merely using your voice and without even checking your smartphone. While the Android Wear feature alerts and notifications as beautiful cards, with the Glances you will see information you need and care about such as your current location and updates on stocks with just a swipe up from the smartwatch face. Apple Watch also sports different in-built media and interactive features like Friends for a quick view of your phone contacts, Digital Touch that allows you to send a sketch, an audio message via the Walkie Talkie, board a plane with the unconventional Passbook app, control your smart Apple TV and an accurately smart way to pay thru the new Apple Pay powered by the NFC technology.

The new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 paired with an Apple Watch.

While it’s a smartwatch by heart and predicts with what you will need, the Apple Watch is as well unique and functional as the Moto 360 with the built-in Activity and Workout app, its own fitness tracking feature and the counterpart of the Android Wear’s Google Fit. The Activity app measures your calories burned, brisk activity and how frequent you stand up during the day while the Workout app provides the metrics of your fitness goals. Apple Watch uses its own accelerometer, built-in heart rate sensor, GPS and WiFi from your iPhone to provide a complete and an all-inclusive metric of your daily workouts and fitness activities.

In addition to Apple’s fitness application, the Apple Watch has an iPhone app companion for you to keep motivated all the time through the Fitness app. Apple will release the WatchKit APIs later next year for developers to create WatchKit-based apps and a unique user experience designed for the wrist.

The digital timepiece comes with a distinctive charging system that uses Apple’s MagSafe technology through an inductive wireless charging kinda like the charging method used in the Moto 360. While the most modern wearables going to be a trend in no time, Apple’s customizable smartwatch which has a comfortable, premium feel and pre-loaded with 11 watch faces (like the Timelapse, Astronomy and Solar face), is certainly one of the best and well-designed smartwatches you want to fit–in on your wrist all the time.

Apple unveiled its own smartwatch on its September 9th media event alongside the new set of bigger iPhones and the introduction of Apple Play. The Apple Watch costs $399 and will be available soon in early 2015 in two different sizes, 38mm and 42mm; and in three distinct collections such as the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.


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