Google expands its use of mobile-friendliness as ranking indicator

It has been almost a month since Google Search expanded its effort to use mobile–friendliness as a ranking indicator for sites and web contents. The huge change, which started on April 21st, will only affect mobile searches, thus will not affect desktop ranking and traffic, but significantly impact results in Google in all languages worldwide.

Is your website ready for mobile–friendly Google search results? Google have set–up a tool through Google Webmaster for you to check your website by testing its pages if it is mobile optimized or not. The useful Mobile–Friendly Test tool shows how Google Search reads and scans your pages, so to provide your valuable visitors great user experience and gain more web traffic, it’s now a best practice to make yours into a multi–screen enhanced website.

As part of the algorithm changes, Google Search users will get relevant, high quality and optimized search results much easier for their mobile devices.


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