Apple unveils iOS 9 at the WWDC 2015, its new features and more

At its WWDC 2015 conference, Apple revealed its revamped, most advanced mobile operating system yet ― the iOS9.

Interesting feature in the list is what Apple emphasized is its proactive voice assistant Siri. With the soon release of iOS 9, Siri will become more smarter as Google Now does on an Android-powered device. For example, if you receive a call but don’t know the number, its Siri’s turn to check and scan your emails to find related information about that phone call and not to mention a cleverer prediction and reminders of your daily routines.

Along with an intelligent features plushandy traffic alerts, Apple Maps will soon be able to give directions for transit lines and subwaystations, even the amount of time it would take from and to the train, vice versa. Other improvements include the new revamped Notes and News app where in users can now share and annotate website pages straight into a note as the feature in a Galaxy Note smartphone, and a flipboard-style news boards that pulls content from publications direct into your device respectively.

The iPad, with the new iOS 9, will at long last support a split-screen multitasking where in users can run and use two apps at the same time, watch a video while checking through emails and or social media accounts and the like, which isn’t new anymore with the Android OS.Apple also incorporates a battery saving features like the low-power mode to the iOS 9 in hope to cater battery life issues and extend it by up to 3 more hours but again it’s nothing new at all.

The Cupertino giant will set to release the iOS 9 as a free upgrade and will then be available this coming fall alongside the new Apple devices with just a 1.3GB space requirement.


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