Apple unveils OS X El Capitan with minor face-lift focusing on desktop experience

Apple just unveiled its latest version of its advanced desktop operating system, dubbed OS X El Capitan, at WWDC 2015 in San Francisco, USA.

Apple’s preceding Yosemite OS introduced a major visual refit and overhaul, with the new OS framework, it centers on improving a different desktop experience. Interesting features included in the new OS X 10.11 version is the improved Spotlight search and the gesture capabilities where in users will be able to swipe to delete mail messages as the iOS. In addition to rearranging windows with no trouble by snapping them side by side, it also has a split-screen multitasking function quite similar to that of the Windows 8 OS.

With OS X El Capitan, Apple will as well take along its Metal graphics rendering engine to desktop making it easier for developers to port their graphics-heavy games and applications like Adobe’s Creative Suite apps.

Apple will officially release the El Capitan upgrade soon this fall but it’s now up for developers.


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