Apple introduces watchOS 2 with exciting new features, runs third-party apps

The Apple Watch was first presented in the tech community with slow, sluggish third-party apps not just because it still coping with the smartwatch environment but because they’re native to run on an iPhone. At WWDC 2015 conference, Tim Cook unveiled a new WatchKit SDK for developers to check in advance what are the features and functionalities of the watchOS2.

As the OS X El Capitan, Apple will as well publicly release the watchOS2 this fall as a free update with exciting features like replying to emails straight from the smartwatch and new watch faces which includes a customizable Photo face and a Time-lapse Photo face.

In addition to health tracker and native apps, Apple Watch also has a portal-type zone called Complications which enable users to add a certain app and its features up-front. As a smartwatch, you can also make the wearable device as an alarm clock with the Digital Crown as a button for snooze, not to mention the Friends feature “Add a Friend” where you can find Apple Watch users and enable you to chat with them through the FaceTime audio capability.

With the watchOS2, as an advanced feature, third-party apps will now run on the Apple Watch itself without the aid of an iPhone and a more improved, intelligent response from the famed Siri.


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