Instagram outs web profiles with bigger pictures and a more flat look

Instagram, the famed photo sharing platform, redesigned web profile pages to make it more simple, minimalist and cut down on the so called mess.

The profile page, hashtag sections and home feed on both mobile and web are all receiving a neater, uncluttered revamps making things cleaner with a flatter look. On the desktop profiles, for instance, instead of the quite annoying rotating header images, it now displays larger images in rows of three. And in addition to removing the header, the change of its look as well get rid of the button styles including the extra boarders and more.

Intagram has rolled out the new web profile design early this week.

Jap Vergonia

A web architect who’s into computer algorithms, graphic art and digital photography. Besides being a tech nerd, he’s also a foodie, travel geek and K-culture enthusiast.

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