Microsoft Office for Android devices now far and wide available for you all

Long wait is finally over, after the launching of the Office for Android dedicated only for tablets early this year, Microsoft’s office suite is now far and wide available for Android smartphones. The Office for Android app is quite the same at its iOS counterpart with features for quick edits and the like.

The productivity suite is still a version not meant to handle all of your office tasks and workload as the desktop and full-featured version, instead it allows user for simple, quick edits and drafts to documents, cells/tables and presentations.

Besides the basic tasks you can perform, with the mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, it also features a full OneDrive and Dropbox support for you to be able to store and access files in the cloud. While most of Android users are fixed with the use of Google Docs, why not as well give the Microsoft Office for Android a try?


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